Thursday, September 3, 2020

New recordings for an exclusive single!


Today I startet with recordings for two brand new songs as "Ralli Rock & The Moan of the Sky", that will be released as an exclusive single worldwide.

These songs won't be featured on the upcoming album, which is already finished, but due to Corona restrictions (we can't send promo packages overseas...a real pity) we have to postpone the album again (and again).

Anyway, the upcoming, exclusive single (two raw sounding juke joint  blues songs) is at least something and the songs are also meant to shorten the waiting time for the upcoming and postponed album.

Btw., I am also still working on another solo album (with reduced instrumentation), that I mentioned earlier. I am not sure, when it's finished though.
So in the end, there will be enough new material in the near future.

Thanks for your interest.
Stay safe and stay tuned

Ralli Rock

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