Friday, March 16, 2018

New album to come 2018 and additional clever remarks

New album "The Devil's Meal" featuring pre-"Ralli Rock" area tracks (originally recorded around 2012) and songs recorded after the debut "To Bring to Light" (around 2014/2015) to come in 2018!

It's less bluesy than the debut. First I wasn't sure, if I should release it, but the people who have already listened to it already, said:
"That's a damn fine album. Release it. Don't care for "genres" or for the narrow minded guys or the blues-police."

The album will feature one of my personal favorite tracks "Drops of Symphony" (which is to me a blues song, even if it doesn't sound that  much like a blues song, if you know what I mean)

My big love, the dirty honest blues (that comes from the soul), will always play a major role in my life and there are many new blues songs to expect from me in the bloomy future of this strange existence..

I keep you updated.

And always remember: Our blood is always red, despite all the different skin colours.
Keep the good conscience alive and don't let anyone instrumentalize you.

And blues, btw,  is a life experience, a feeling deep inside of you and not necessarily a music genre!
I know, I have mentioned it before ;-)

Stay open minded, my beloved friends


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