Saturday, August 6, 2022

NEW full "RALLI ROCK" Album: " LOCKED UP & BLUE ? " on limited CD, Stream & Download!!

Ralli Rock - Locked Up & Blue ?
(Album 2022)

Finally my new album " Locked Up & Blue? " is coming and I am a proud daddy, yes.

We started it in Australia, as some know, and finished it in Germany.
It took me a lot of effort to finish this baby, but now it's here, even on LIMITED Deluxe CD!

For friends of Classic Rock, Blues Rock and Folk/Folk-Rock!

All links can be found on my DISCOGRAPHY page here or go directly to where you can find many links to many of my releases!
Official release date of the Deluxe CD is 8 Sept 2022 (digital version has been released earlier, without doing any promotion) but it's already available here and there.
Also available directly and NOW on EBAY !

Cheers and have a drink on me
Ralli Rock

Thursday, June 30, 2022

"WELCOME 2 THE FREAKSHOW" (exclusive new Classic Hard Rock/ Stoner Blues song and soundtrack for Team Doppelschloch's Pothole Rodeo Drive!)

Ralli Rock - Welcome 2 the Freakshow (July 2022)

"Welcome 2 the Freakshow" is the original soundtrack for Team Doppelschloch for their Pothole Rodeo Tour this year. The guys also ride for a good cause (charity auction for children in need)

This song was produced and written in January/February 2022 and released 1st of July,

Hard classic rock and stoner blues!
Mr. Rock on ALL instruments and of course vocals!

The song will also soon be officially available worldwide as a download on all known portals.

This is an exclusive song and it will NOT be featured on the upcoming new CD!

DOWNLOAD @ Bandcamp

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

*TOO COMPLICATED ", new folk song released

Little folk song "too complicated", just spontaneously written and recorded and mixed last night, is already available for free on my Bandcamp channel.
If you want to donate (enter any amount or zero) you are welcome to do so.

Maybe one or the other will like it!

Greetings and a good life


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

New raw blues song FOR FREE!!

 Hello dear friends!

Dear friends, today the 27th of July is a good day, because there are gifts.
Out of lust and boredom I wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered and made a pointless home video for a song ("Cold as Ice") in just one night (24 July 2021) to entertain you a little bit. Yeah! It's a simple, classic raw blues song, with resonator guitar and vocals and good, bad mood ;-) And friendly as I am, I made the song available for FREE download on Bandcamp. Download link: Video link: Of course, if you want to donate, you can do so and enter a number of your choice when you download. As a musician, times are not the best. Nevertheless: Everyone is welcome to simply enter "0" when downloading and you will receive the song as a gift. It would be a shame if the song had been produced unnecessarily and no one wants to hear it because no one dares to pay nothing.
Therefore: feel free to get it for free! Have the courage! So go ahead, swing your pretty little legs and download the song. At least give me a smile and maybe a little kiss! That's not much, right? Yours Ralli Rock Follow me on Instagram for more exclusive material Homepage: #rallirock #rawblues #freesong

Saturday, May 1, 2021

NEW CD: Ralf Rabendorn - Die Hoffnung wird schon überleben (feat. Ralli Rock)

NEWS in ENGLISH & DEUTSCH (herunter scrollen, bitte!)

(E N G L I S H)
NEW CD / Download / Stream
(feat. Ralli Rock)

-Genre:Deutsch-Rock-Indie-Blues, with some alternative folk! -Release date: Labor Day 2021 -Pressed CD in digisleeve plus booklet -Standing in the underground with at least one wooden leg! -Pairs well with any dish and any alcoholic beverage! MEAL TIME! This album was recorded back in 2016 and completed and mixed in 2017/2018. Originally, the album was not necessarily intended for release. It was simply a session among brothers, with some alcoholic drinks and the idea to record some songs like in very old times on an ancient 8 track tape recorder, although there would have been quite other possibilities. We had almost forgotten the songs until the label boss of ContraMusikProduktion reminded Mr. Rabendorn of a possible release last year. Because of Corona the release had to be postponed from 2020 to 2021. Due to Corona and exploitation by middlemen, the label currently goes the arduous way of self-distribution, although contact with reliable distributors is definitely still sought! (please contact the label HERE) For the time being the CD can be ordered via the official webshop, Ebay Shop, Bandcamp Shop & by mail.

Official CMP-Webstore
Official Bandcamp Store:
Offcial EBAY Store:
Via Mail

AMAZON France (all other countries, too)
AMAZON Germany

and many more ( please use the search function in the corresponding store))

(D E U T S C H)
NEUE CD / Download / Stream
(feat. Ralli Rock)

-GENRE: Deutsch-Rock-Indie-Blues mit etwas alternativem Folk!
-VÖ Termin: Tag der Arbeit 2021
-Gepresste CD im digisleeve plus booklet

-Mit mindestens einem Holz-Bein im Untergrund stehend!
-Passt zu jedem Gericht und zu jedem alkoholischen Getränk!

Das vorliegende Album wurde bereits im Jahre 2016 aufgenommen und 2017/2018 vervollständigt und gemischt. Ursprünglich wurde das Album nicht zwingend für eine Veröffentlichung vorgesehen. Es war einfach eine Session unter Freunden, mit einigen alkoholischen Getränken und der Idee, ein paar Songs wie in ganz alten Zeiten auf einem uralten 8 Spur Kassettenrekorder aufzunehmen, obwohl auch ganz andere Möglichkeiten vorhanden gewesen wären. Ralf hatte die Songs fast vergessen, bis die Label-Chefin von ContraMusikProduktion letztes Jahr an eine mögliche Veröffentlichung erinnerte. Wegen Corona verschob sich das Release dann von 2020 auf 2021.

Aufgrund Corona und Ausbeutung durch Zwischenhändler geht das Label momentan den mühsamen Weg des Selbstvertriebes, wenngleich Kontakt mit zuverlässigen Vertieben durchaus weiterhin gesucht wird! (Interessierte bitte HIER SCHREIBEN)
Vorerst ist die CD bestellbar über den offiziellen Webshop, Ebay Shop, Bandcamp Shop & per Mail.

Official CMP-Webstore
Official Bandcamp Store:
Offcial EBAY Store:
Per Mail

D I G I T A L:
AMAZON (Germany)

und in vielen anderen Shops (bitte nutzt die Suchfunktion)

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Friday, February 12, 2021

The Most Unknown Man's debut single!

Hello dear friends!
I forgot to mention this:

I have produced the debut FOLK single by The Most Unknown Man.
Two classic folk songs released on inauguration day.
We are currently recording a complete album, partly with drums, me on solo guitar on a few tracks, so it won't be pure folk 
But first for you the nice, so called American single

Side 1: Donnie's End (Video:
Side 2: American Sliver

available at Bandcamp (plus lyrics):

FUCK Spotify:



 also on Amazon, Deezer, and all other platforms

Please support man-made music and buy downloads, CDs and vinyl!

 #themostunknownman #folkmusic #countryfolk released by: #contramusikproduktion #folk produced by: #rallirock

Friday, December 18, 2020

Corona Statement (concerning "Don't Panic, It's Just a Pandemic")

Statement in DEUTSCH and ENGLISH (scroll down, please)

"Don't Panic, It's Just a Pandemic" DEUTSCH

Für all die, die das Lied nicht verstehen, missverstehen oder einfach nicht korrekt einordnen können, folgendes:

1 Ja, die Pandemie ist real und wer das Virus leugnet, hat wohl psychische Probleme.
2 Ja, die Pandemie ist für viele gefährlich und für viel zu viele sogar tödlich!
3 Ja, man sollte auf sich und vor allem auch auf andere achten. Mitgefühl und Miteinander sind keine Schwäche.
Einen Mund/Nasenschutz zu tragen ist keine Tragödie.

Doch NEIN, man sollte nicht vor lauter Angst die Lust am Leben verlieren.
Man sollte bis zum bitteren Ende Freude am Leben haben, trotz der Pandemie, auch wenn man selbst betroffen ist.
Die Chance ist zudem größer, diese Krankheit (und nicht nur diese) als Betroffener zu überstehen, wenn man sich fit hält, das heißt auch "fit im Kopf" und man weiterhin Freude empfinden will.
Das haben schon einige berichtet.
"Wer der Angst nachgibt, hat schon verloren."

Das heißt nicht, dass man leichtsinnig sein sollte oder mit der Krankheit leichtsinnig umgehen sollte.
Es wird ohnehin viel zu viele Opfer geben.
Und falls es mich dahinrafft, dann bleibt von mir wenigstens dieses schmutzige, kleine, unbedeutende und für mich eher ungewöhnliche Spaß- Liedchen zurück.
Nächstes Jahr gibt's eine neue Platte von mir, egal ob ich den Irrsinn überlebe oder nicht.
Dann aber wieder mit Classic Rock, Blues Rock und Akustik Blues.
"Don't panic" war einfach nur ein kleiner Spaß für die trüben Zeiten.
Hier eine Link Liste zur Single:

Ich wünsche euch allen viel Gesundheit & luv luv luv
Bussi und bleibt ahoi Ralli Rock


For all those who don't understand, misunderstand or simply can't classify the song correctly, the following:
1 Yes, the pandemic is real and those who deny the virus probably have psychological problems.
2 Yes, the pandemic is dangerous for many and for far too many even deadly!
3 Yes, one should take care of oneself and especially of others. Compassion and togetherness are not weaknesses.
Wearing a mouth/nose mask is not a tragedy.
But NO, one should not lose the joy of life because of fear.
One should enjoy life until the bitter end, despite the pandemic, even if one is affected oneself.
The chance is also greater to survive this disease (and not only this) as an affected person, if you keep yourself fit, that is also "fit in the head".
"If you give in to fear, you've already lost."

That doesn't mean that one should be reckless or be careless with the disease.
There will be far too many victims anyway.
And if it takes me away, then at least this dirty, little, insignificant and for me rather unusual fun song remains from me.
Well, by the way, next year there will be a new record from me, no matter if I survive the madness or not.
But then again Classic Rock, Blues Rock and Acoustic Blues.
"Don't panic" was just a little fun for the dull times.
Here is a link list to the single:

I wish you all good health & luv luv luv
Kisses and stay ahoy Ralli Rock