Monday, July 6, 2020

NEW Album UPDATE and more!!!

A couple of people, including myself are waiting for the official follow up to "To Bring to Light", the debut album by "Ralli Rock & The Moan of the Sky".

I can tell you that I have worked hard for the last two years on the new album.
ALL tracks have been recorded and the first mastering process ended last week. Now the very last step in mastering takes place.

Due to Corona crisis I can not release the new album right now.
The reason are stupid problems like postage problems.
It is still not possible to send a simple CD promo package to the USA or Australia and other oversea countries.
For a simple promo package we had to pay 60€(!!!) for one CD.
We have to send many, many CDs out, so this is not possible.
I hope this crisis and follow up crises are soon over.

Therefore I decided to record a few raw and simple blues tracks. Just a man and his guitar and his foot-stomping. I may release these songs as a new EP this year.
I keep you informed!.

Stay tuned and and stay true to me

Sunday, May 24, 2020


Side A: Don't Panic, It's Just a Pandemic
Side AA: Oh Jolene (alternative mix 2020)

The new double A Side single is NOW on all platforms (Apple is coming soon), even on Spotify, and I really hate them for various reasons (my label forced me this time)

Some people will most likely misinterpret the song "Don't Panic, It's Just a Pandemic"
It's a fun song, no denial song! Keep that in mind!!
I certainly do not want to make fun of the pandemic.
Tragedies stay tragic, but never lose your sense of humour, especially in times of crisis & curiosity.

If you feel sad, just play this little tune and make it your daily pandemic anthem.
If you're drunk and in good mood, do the same. It works for each situation ;-)

If you like the song, please download and buy it. It comes together with a brand new version of "Oh Jolene", another little punky glam rocker (originally unofficially released in an older version in December 2019)

Your downloads will help me going through this weird situation of being an unpaid musician who is currently not able to perform live.
And btw, the red light girls want me to pay my outstanding accounts :(

Stay healthy!
Ralli Rock

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Friday, March 20, 2020

YOUR support in times of COVID-19 (CoronaVirus)


Due to Covid-19 I have to postpone my long awaited & overdue new album again :(
BUT while in quarantine/isolation I am currently recording an exclusive new single, that comes out soon. It's a somewhat funnier song. In such serious times we should not lose our sense of humor.

It's tough for independent musicians these days, No gigs,  no physical releases etc.
If you wanna show support, donate or just buy your musicians MP3s or CDs etc now. It really helps!!!


My work is available here:
The most part of the money reaches us, if you buy directly at our Label, at Bandcamp or Ebay
-->BANDCAMP (Download, CD and excl. stuff)

-->CDs directly from my LABEL

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-->CD Baby (CD, MP3 and one exclusive single MORNING LIGHT)

-->Or Debut album at: (search for it, please)
Amazon, Apple Music, Media Markt, Saturn etc

-->And there is a Donate button on my homepage

Have a good life and stay healthy, brothers and sister and take care for each other!!!
Ralli Rock & The Moan of the Sky

EURE Unterstützung in Zeiten von Covid-19 (Corona Virus)

Aufgrund von Covid-19 muss mein längst (über)fälliges neues Album leider erneut verschoben werden.
Generell sind das verdammt harte Zeiten für uns (dauer-insolvente) Musiker.
Keine Gigs, keine Veröffentlichungen im physischen Vertrieb  etc pp

Wenn ihr mich oder andere Musiker unterstützen mögt, dann kauft Alben als Download oder CD etc..
Klar, Spenden ohne Gegenleistung tätigt heute kaum noch jemand, aber vielleicht mögt ihr ja was für wenig Geld runterladen,
oder ne CD kaufen. Die bietet wenigsten etwas zum Anfassen!

Ich arbeite in der Isolation/Quarantäne übrigens an einer exklusiven neuen Single, die bald als Download erhältlich sein wird!!

Hier gibts Zeug von mir zu erwerben:
Am schnellsten erreicht uns das Geld bei Verkäufen über unser Label, Bandcamp oder über Ebay!

-->BANDCAMP (Download, CDs, inkl inoffizielles Zeug)

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einfach dort suchen

-->CD Baby (CD, MP3 und die exklusive Single "MORNING LIGHT")
-->Einen mutigen Spenden Button hab ich auch auf meiner Website
 (wobei ich oft Teile an Ärzte ohne Grenzen weitergebe. Momentan brauch ich die Kohle leider selber)

Merci, so oder so... bleibt gesund!

PS: Für uns Musiker ist dies eine existenzielles Anliegen!

Friday, February 14, 2020

The "Streaming Truth" (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc)

Here is a list of last years final day and the streaming income at Apple music for 6 songs.
Wow, six songs streamed and I earned...1,7 Dollar , no CENT. Yes, 1,7 CENT
I had immediately invested this nice bit of money into my next ...string (more streaming necessary to get at least one string paid ;-))

People, buy the CDs. They last longer, look and feel nicer, they often include the lyrics and the musicians and labels earn at least a little bit more.
Making real music with real instruments and recording and releasing albums is actually not really inexpensive.

Keep the variety in music alive. Support your musicians & bands!
Support the magic of real music.
Don't support the modern slavedriver!!!!

Cheers, brothers and sisters

PS: You wanna donate? Send this beggar a few cents to "ralli(AT)"

Sunday, December 22, 2019

"Morning Light" official video out now!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

Merry Christmas everybody

Official No-Budget Video (what else, right?)
Originally released in a Lyric Video for my Instagram followers in Spring 2019.
Not really a typical Mr. Rock song, but then, who cares.
The reaction was almost (close to, well, almost, you know...almost) overwhelming, so I decided to release it now officially  on YouTube, too... -well almost (I seem to like this word) official.
I added a few moving pictures of an incredible good looking, handsome man, who almost (again..whats wrong with this word, dude?) looks like me.

NEW album (alternative blues, rock and stuff like this song) DEFINITELY coming in 2020

Mail: (exclusive videos, my record collection and more)

rarely on FB, but you can follow me there, too:

Very welcome to help me to stay independent and to release my new album!
You can, for example, send a few Cents as "friends & family" to "ralli(AT)"

 (Copyright 2019: Rock/Rabendorn/ContraMusikProduktion)

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

"Oh Jolene", new single out now!

Ralli Rock - "Oh Jolene"
A raw dirty punky little Rock'n'Roll hymn

Brand new single out now on bandcamp
 (didn't find the time to release it elsewhere, cause it HAD to be out December the 10th)

Stream & download here:

Dedicated to the one and only J.K.
Luv ya!!


PS: Beside this punky "fun project" I am currently working on a new album
 (classic rock, blues alternative blues rock, indie,)

PPS: The current version of "Oh Jolene" is the hopelessly overmastered version by O.C. to make it sound bigger as it is.. ;-)
There is also a "regular" mastered version (by Rabendorn) available and coming.