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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

"Oh Jolene", new single out now!

Ralli Rock - "Oh Jolene"
A raw dirty punky little Rock'n'Roll hymn

Brand new single out now on bandcamp
 (didn't find the time to release it elsewhere, cause it HAD to be out December the 10th)

Stream & download here:

Dedicated to the one and only J.K.
Luv ya!!


PS: Beside this punky "fun project" I am currently working on a new album
 (classic rock, blues alternative blues rock, indie,)

PPS: The current version of "Oh Jolene" is the hopelessly overmastered version by O.C. to make it sound bigger as it is.. ;-)
There is also a "regular" mastered version (by Rabendorn) available and coming.

Monday, October 14, 2019

A different/unexpected album is coming!!

We are working hard on the recently recorded dirty blues & rock album,
which we started to work on in 2018.
All  tracks are recorded and the mastering process has started.
BUT  due to certain circumstances I decided to postpone it to next year.
I don't wanna rush it and I don't wanna sell it to the first label that comes around.
I may consider to release it on our small label again, before I sell my soul to "someone".
I have a couple of interesting labels in mind but I haven't contacted even one of them yet.
I want in general more time for this Baby, hence the release delay.
I don't make music for the money, obviously, cause I'm a "broken buddy", if that makes sense ;-)

Within the last years I have recorded a couple of different sounding songs, that never have been released and since last week I m back in the studio again, recording even more new songs.
When your rotten mind gets creative, you HAVE to go for it and record these ideas. I love that process and I'm glad I'm back in the studio again for another 3 or 4 or 5 new songs, which aren't true blues or true classic rock tracks, though they always sound like, well, me.

Today I thought to myself: damn it, all of these "different sounding" songs could make a damn nice and interesting album ( I am more or less sober at the moment, so neither whisky and definitely nor weird drugs had an impact on this state of mind ;-) )

This new "unexpected" album MAY be nothing for the Blues or Rock purists, but then I don't care anyway. I would say it's going to be a typical R. Rock album and I am sure many Rock AND Blues lovers will like it.

So expect another album coming from me even before the long announced follow up album to "To bring to light" (2017).
These new plans surprised myself, too, and surprises are a good thing, right?

Ok, dear friends, this old man has a lot of work to do, but there will be new music coming soon.

Peace, stay tuned and stay true

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

New album update (September 2019)

We had a lot of different problems this year (financial, equipment, locations, time, health),
but we are finally in the last third of the mastering process.
And there is also one song which needs a few overdubs in the studio.

Looks good so far and we (and especially me myself and I) are really proud of the new songs and their variety. Probably the first time at all that we are proud of something ;-)

Often the hardest roads lead to the best results.

Anyway, more news to come and still a little work to do.

Stay tuned and make a lot of love in the meantime
and...have a freaking drink on me!
Mr. Ralli Rock

"working hard in the studio"

Friday, July 5, 2019

Exclusive new studio piano ballad. First for my IG followers..but read on.

Do you already follow me on Instagram?
Then click here ( and be one of the exclusive IG buddies who will be able to hear a brand new studio recorded track entitled "Morning Light" (in my IGT channel)A little piano ballad with vocals, written & recorded on 15. May 2019, during the mixdown process for my new blues rock album, coming this year.
This is an exclusive track!

Of course you can always spend a few cents to donate my free songs by sending it to "ralli(AT)"


Sunday, March 17, 2019

"Wistful" ...on a Rainy Saturday" (New free instrumental track) (Gibson CS-336 Lefty)

"Wistful" ...on a Rainy Saturday"
(Ralli on guitar (that's me...most of the time)
New, free instrumental solo guitar track, exclusive on YouTube for your maximal pleasure ;-)


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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Spenden, Donations , EP N E W S

NEWS EP & Donations/Spenden in DEUTSCH & ENGLISH

(Deutsch) Vielen Dank an die wahren Unterstützer meiner letzten EP. Die erste Spendengelder wurden an "Ärzte ohne Grenzen" weitergeleitet.
Ich hoffe, es werden noch weitere folgen.

Die EP gibt es als Direkt Spendendownload unter
Oder bei Bandcamp (Stream und Download)
(English) I would like to thank all the true supporters of my latest EP. I could forward the first part of donations to "Doctors without Borders". I really hope more donations will follow.

The EP is available as a direct donation download at ""
Or directly at bandcamp as download & stream:

#RalliRock #Ärzteohnegrenzen #doctorswithoutborders #donations #spenden #rootsandsignsoffire #blues #swampblues #philliblues #darkblues #alternativeblues #resonatorguitar #bluesgermany #bluesaustralia #bluessaarland #supporters #contramusikproduktion Ralli Rock ContraMusikProduktion (CMP) (Contra Musik)

Friday, January 4, 2019

"SLEEPLESS SOUL" official video (+Update) (Engl/Deut)

(ENGLISH) The song is taken from the Donation EP "Roots & Signs of Fire 1"
Big parts of donations go to "Doctors without Borders".
This no-budget support video contains a slightly updated audio track compared to the version released on Christmas 2018.
The original track (guitar & vocals) has been live recorded on a smartphone (the only one on the EP) and additional Studio Overdubs has been added.
Leave your Cesar-like thumbs up at YouTube!

(DEUTSCH) Der Songs ist von der Spenden EP "Roots & Signs of Fire 1".
Große Teile der Einnahmen gehen an "Ärzte ohne Grenzen".
Dieses No-Budget Support Video enthält eine minimal verbesserte Audio Spur im Vergleich zum Video von Weihnachten 2018. Basis dieses Liedes bildet eine Live Aufnahme (Gitarre & Gesang), die auf einem Smartphone(!) gemacht wurde (das einzige Lied auf der EP, das damit aufgenommen wurde). Dazu gesellen sich noch ein paar Studio Overdubs.
Hinterlasst auf YouTube eure cäsarischen Daumen nach oben!

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1) Bandcamp:

***DIRECT (Donation) DOWNLOADS*** (weniger Gebühren/ less fees)
2) Ralli Rock: 
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4) or email me

***VIDEO "Sleepless Soul" by Ralli Rock***
1) ContraMusikProduktion YouTube:
2) first version on my own YouTube channel: