Tuesday, December 10, 2019

"Oh Jolene", new single out now!

Ralli Rock - "Oh Jolene"
A raw dirty punky little Rock'n'Roll hymn

Brand new single out now on bandcamp
 (didn't find the time to release it elsewhere, cause it HAD to be out December the 10th)

Stream & download here:

Dedicated to the one and only J.K.
Luv ya!!


PS: Beside this punky "fun project" I am currently working on a new album
 (classic rock, blues alternative blues rock, indie,)

PPS: The current version of "Oh Jolene" is the hopelessly overmastered version by O.C. to make it sound bigger as it is.. ;-)
There is also a "regular" mastered version (by Rabendorn) available and coming.

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