Tuesday, July 27, 2021

New raw blues song FOR FREE!!

 Hello dear friends!

Dear friends, today the 27th of July is a good day, because there are gifts.
Out of lust and boredom I wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered and made a pointless home video for a song ("Cold as Ice") in just one night (24 July 2021) to entertain you a little bit. Yeah! It's a simple, classic raw blues song, with resonator guitar and vocals and good, bad mood ;-) And friendly as I am, I made the song available for FREE download on Bandcamp. Download link: Video link: Of course, if you want to donate, you can do so and enter a number of your choice when you download. As a musician, times are not the best. Nevertheless: Everyone is welcome to simply enter "0" when downloading and you will receive the song as a gift. It would be a shame if the song had been produced unnecessarily and no one wants to hear it because no one dares to pay nothing.
Therefore: feel free to get it for free! Have the courage! So go ahead, swing your pretty little legs and download the song. At least give me a smile and maybe a little kiss! That's not much, right? Yours Ralli Rock Follow me on Instagram for more exclusive material Homepage: #rallirock #rawblues #freesong

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