Saturday, August 6, 2022

NEW full "RALLI ROCK" Album: " LOCKED UP & BLUE ? " on limited CD, Stream & Download!!

Ralli Rock - Locked Up & Blue ?
(Album 2022)

Finally my new album " Locked Up & Blue? " is coming and I am a proud daddy, yes.

We started it in Australia, as some know, and finished it in Germany.
It took me a lot of effort to finish this baby, but now it's here, even on LIMITED Deluxe CD!

For friends of Classic Rock, Blues Rock and Folk/Folk-Rock!

All links can be found on my DISCOGRAPHY page here or go directly to where you can find many links to many of my releases!
Official release date of the Deluxe CD is 8 Sept 2022 (digital version has been released earlier, without doing any promotion) but it's already available here and there.
Also available directly and NOW on EBAY !

Cheers and have a drink on me
Ralli Rock

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