Monday, July 6, 2020

NEW Album UPDATE and more!!!

A couple of people, including myself are waiting for the official follow up to "To Bring to Light", the debut album by "Ralli Rock & The Moan of the Sky".

I can tell you that I have worked hard for the last two years on the new album.
ALL tracks have been recorded and the first mastering process ended last week. Now the very last step in mastering takes place.

Due to Corona crisis I can not release the new album right now.
The reason are stupid problems like postage problems.
It is still not possible to send a simple CD promo package to the USA or Australia and other oversea countries.
For a simple promo package we had to pay 60€(!!!) for one CD.
We have to send many, many CDs out, so this is not possible.
I hope this crisis and follow up crises are soon over.

Therefore I decided to record a few raw and simple blues tracks. Just a man and his guitar and his foot-stomping. I may release these songs as a new EP this year.
I keep you informed!.

Stay tuned and and stay true to me

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